Aloha, e komo mai, or welcome to my home where we can share the breath of life, friendship, peace, compassion, mercy and grace. My hope is that my art reflects the lens of gratitude I have for the beautiful surroundings of living in Hawaii as well as my appreciation for the simple gifts in life even as I endure daily migraines.

For most of my life, my family lived in Menlo Park, in the San Francisco Bay Area where my parents built a second story on our house, doing all of the work themselves. From the time I was 8-11 years old, my dad’s engineering firm had us living in Hawaii for a project. It was glorious and we all fell in love with our new home. This is where my deep love of the ocean, the tropical flowers, plants and Hawaiian culture began.

After three years, we moved back to the same house in California, which friends affectionately referred to as ‘the barn’ because of its Midwest barn design. It was a few short blocks to downtown and consequently, friends were always stopping in our home to hang out, have a meal my mom cooked, take a nap, or partake in the latest wine my dad was making. I always enjoyed being creative but it wasn’t until I got my double Masters Degrees in Art Therapy and Marriage & Family Therapy that I learned about the true power of art.

After graduate school, a few friends and I founded a non-profit organization in a disenfranchised community where we built relationships with, provided art therapy, music education, non violence theory and skills, and anything one does when you’re part of a family to the most violent youth in that city. Many of those kids have graduated from college now who were never supposed to finish high school. LiveInPeace.org is still going strong but I was unable to continue working there even though it was my passion. I developed daily migraines.

However, I have found my new passion: ILLUSTRATION! My family moved back to Hawaii and we are surrounded by constant beauty, a slower pace of life, and the aloha spirit. I am filled with gratitude that now I get to contemplate the beauty in nature and render my interpretations so that you may enjoy the aloha spirit in your home as well.

Mahalo for swimming through these sweet waters with me!